My Characters

Here is a list of all my characters (well, all those above level 15 anyway). As well as revealing that I am indeed a raging alt-aholic, I figured it would also help me to keep track of them all!

Kalacios – 80 Night Elf Druid, Bear/Boomkin

My main and my first ever character. He is who I raid with and who I (occasionally) go for achievements with.

Caei – 80 Draenei Paladin, Protection/Retribution

Duskfang – 80 Draenei DK, Blood DPS

Aír – 71 Draenei Shaman, Resto

Dorck – 71 Orc DK, Blood DPS/Tank

Delane – 61 Draenei Mage, Frost

Nócturnal – 60 Human Rogue, Combat

Curuwen – 60 Night Elf Druid, Resto

Clydé – 60 Gnome Rogue, Combat

Thaerin – 60 Night Elf Warrior, Protection

Ápple – 60 Dwarf Priest, Shadow

Ralnor – 60 Draenei Shaman, Elemental

Gém – 60 Human Warlock, Destruction

Sháft – 50 Human Paladin, Holy

Orión – 27 Night Elf Hunter, Marksmanship

Ezeboo – 24 Troll Hunter, Beast Mastery

Sivanna – 23 Night Elf Druid, Feral (kitty)

Lank – 22 Dwarf Warrior, Protection

Jaréd – 20 Dwarf Hunter, Marksmanship

Deja – 18 Human Warlock, Destruction


5 Responses to My Characters

  1. Andy says:

    Speaking of multi-account shenanigans, have you seen the ZOMGIEF new recruit-a-friend mount?

  2. Kalacios says:

    :O omg no way!

    So, I’m due to get the mount in about 3 weeks time (I think)… so I wonder if I’ll now be getting the new one?!

    Even if not – it’s probably worth the amount you’d have to pay in the extra subscription for a couple of months just to get your hands on it!

  3. Kalacios says:

    Just actually clicked the link in that post to see what the blue poster had to say, and it seems I will be able to get it quite soon 😀

    “If you have a reward waiting around you have not claimed it can be used to claim a Zhevra now, or you can wait and claim an X-53 after the change.”

  4. Andy says:

    Wahoo 😀

    It’s almost tempting me to get a second account so I can speed-level a drood, as I dunno if I can be arsed levelling one properly, even with heirlooms.

    ALSO. We hardly ever see y’all on any more 😦

  5. Kalacios says:

    DEFINITELY good for speed leveling! As you can see from my posts and the alt list here, we’ve done quite a few (6x lvl 60s, 1x 38, 2x 20s, as well as my 68 pally). And also, that may be the reason you haven’t seen us on Azuremyst very much lately 🙂 Been enjoying leveling alot more than level 80 stuff these days, although now I may be on Kal a bit more with the solo stuff I want to try.

    We should do a random some time… you can tank :p

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