I R Huntard!

While alt-hopping over the last week or so, I finally tried out my level 24 nelf hunter, and have played him over the last couple of days. I am actually starting to really like playing him again, and he’s now at 29.

When I made him over 6 months ago I didn’t really look up much on hunters, I specced randomly into marksmanship and in the twenties found it quite tough going, which may be why I went off of him, thinking that it just wasn’t for me. When I went back to him I asked a couple of friends what they would suggest and the resounding response was “BM!”. I guess this does make sense for levelling.

So I respecced BM and it instantly made a difference.

I’ve been questing in Wetlands and having fun with it, it’s quite a different playstyle to others I’ve played solo.

I even managed to solo half of Stockades so I could kill Kam Deepfury for the quest, at level 29, with no deaths, or even near-deaths! Maybe that’s not such a big deal but, seeing as I’m only a few levels above it and it’s still there in my LFG list, I was quite pleased with myself.

So… hunter it is then 😀 (for now at least…)


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