Hello… is this thing still on?

It’s been a while since my last post, not too sure what happened there, just kinda lost the motivation to post.

I’ve still been playing a fair bit of WoW, although right now I’m not too sure what to do. In the last few months I’ve gone from raiding 4 nights a week to now not raiding at all (my own choice), and my wife has now decided to take a break from WoW (cancelling her subscription 😦 ).

I’ve levelled a few chars, including my pally to 80. I’ve done a fair bit of the gear grind in heroics, levelled some professions and gained some achievements, but right now I just don’t know what I want to do in the game.

In the last week or two I’ve flitted between alts, a few levels here and there, including finally getting my rogue (2nd ever char) to Outland and level 60, but so far none of them has really grabbed my attention and given me that urge to really play them.

I started working on loremaster with Kal, but again just got bored and gave up after a couple of hours. Also had a brief stint at soloing stuff, did UBRS just for the achievement, but it wasn’t exactly challenging. Had a few goes at the first boss in AQ40, got my furry ass handed to me on a plate (in my defense I went in a little under-prepared). I might give Northrend 5-mans another go as my gear is a fair bit better than my close attempts at UK and VH.

So yeah, that’s it. Need to find something in WoW to get me going again.

I even downloaded LOTRO and signed up for the free trial :). Made me a hobbit guardian who is now level 8. I love LOTR so have always wanted to give it a go. The graphics are really good and just following the storyline and reading the quests properly has made it more interesting for me. So far I’m undecided as to whether I’ll play beyond the trial, but if I do it probably won’t be until they make it free-to-play later this year.


2 Responses to Hello… is this thing still on?

  1. Andy says:

    You should totally join Single Abstract Noun on the Argent Dawn server. I believe you know about it?

    Or you could try levelling an alt the hard way: no heirlooms, and no donations from rich relatives 😀

  2. Kalacios says:

    I actually did create a troll mage on Argent Dawn and thought about joining SAN, but never did (only got my mage to lvl 6 I think), I also thought I might try and get into the RP aspect of it with him, but for some reason I feel quite foolish when I do 😐

    I have levelled alts without heirlooms etc, but don’t think is a decider in whether I like playing that char or not. Not having gold from rich relatives isn’t such a big deal since it’s not too hard to pick up mining, grab a few stacks of copper ore (even at, say, level 6-7) then make enough gold from the AH to buy your bags and any training you need.

    What I wish I could do is totally wipe out all my knowledge of WoW and start all over again! WTB the flashy thingy from Men In Black.

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