A Shift in Focus

Our refer-a-friend period finally ran out last Sunday. So this means no more triple XP, no more summoning. Our aim was to level 9 pairs of alts (one of each class, apart from DK of course) to 60.

We were so close. So so close.

We had all but my hunter/her warlock at 60. We left those early on Sunday afternoon to go and watch our son play football, they were ready for a run through Blackrock Depths with quests in hand.

We got back, and to our horror found that we were no longer getting triple XP! I thought that the refer-a-friend bonuses ran out at midnight on the final day, but it seems that it runs out at the time of day that the accounts were initially linked. Gah.

So now we have to spend three times as much time getting these two from 50 to 60.

Overall I think we did really well. During the three months my wife levelled a DK to 80, I have a 71 Ret Pally (although only had to get her up 11 levels :)). We also levelled seven pairs of characters to 60, one pair to 61 and one pair to 50. Not only did we do that, but we also leveled at least one of every profession (more than one of most, including multiple gatherers) and most of those are maxed to Outland level (300).

We bought flying for all the chars when they hit 60, have a guild bank with 3 tabs, and we still have about 8k gold (most of this is through the hard work of my better half :)). Our plan is to have enough to give one pair fast flying as soon as possible, probably a herbalist and a miner to make farming a bit quicker.

I would imagine that we should also have enough gold to give Northrend flying to all alts as they get to the point where they can have it. We may get one pair to 80 first so we can buy the tomes for the rest to make NR questing much faster for them.

Playing these alts for the last few months has been a lot of fun, and we’ve both really enjoyed it. But, now they are all sitting nicely (almost) at 60, and at a point where we want to really learn to play all the classes, doing dungeons etc, we have decided to take a little break from them. Maybe we just got a little burned out. We’re not abandoning them though, not at all, just taking a week or two away from playing them, and when we do go back there’s no rush now, no clock to beat, so we can take it at a more leisurely pace.

What we have done now is got right back into playing level 80s. We’ve been giving a lot of love to our mains for the last week or so, getting achievements and focusing on raids.

We’ve two-manned a couple of old raids (Kara and Molten Core so far) and did Gruul’s Lair with some guildies which was loads of fun. I’d never been through any of those, and was quite awestruck when I saw Ragnaros. That’s one pretty badass looking boss! We’ve also been getting some reps up, have done a few runs of Sethekk Halls heroic in the hope for the Raven Lord mount and Magister’s Terrace for the Swift White Hawkstrider.

We’ve been very good about doing our daily random heroic, and I’ve even done most of the children’s week achievements (all but PvP – I’m crap in PvP with Kal).

So, yes, been having lots of level 80 fun, more than I have done in a long long while, even before we made this new account.

We’re also doing really well in ICC, downed professor twice now (one-shotted him on Tuesday), and had a few goes on the blood princes. I also got my excellent new tanking boots, Footpads of Impending Death. These were a major upgrade for me.

Having said that, I do keep getting the urge to get my 54 rogue to Outland (finally!) and play my 37 resto shammy…


2 Responses to A Shift in Focus

  1. Andy says:

    Altoholic! 😀

    Well, if you happen to have a 55-ish character on Azuremyst, my hunter’s now 56 and looking forward to heading off to Outland 🙂

    Plus I still have my rogue gathering dust. I may give him a spring clean and a name change and give him a PvP focus, not sure yet.

  2. Kalacios says:

    Altoholic? Me… never!

    Well my rogue (Nócturnal) is 54 and on Azuremyst. You probably don’t remember her, but she once shared a boost through Gnomeregan with Zobu! I believe I left her sitting in Winterspring.

    I considered focusing on PvP with her, which I may still do, really not sure.

    Would be my pleasure to do some questing with you if we ever get the chance. Hmm… maybe I can talk Ela… ahem… I mean Shadowe, into leveling one of her alts to the same point 🙂

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