Not a Bad Night’s Work

Last night we finally got Professor Putricide down after about 7 attempts!

We did the first few with 3 healers, and we just seemed to have trouble getting the oozes down fast enough, so one of the healers (our shammy) logged onto his hunter instead. That certainly solved that problem! It then took us a few more tries to get everyone doing what they should be… and (in most cases) not doing what they shouldn’t be!

I think there’s also a bit of luck involved in this fight, as on our successful try we managed to get to the phase 3 transition without any oozes up! This meant that DPS could concentrate on the prof straight away. People started to die and we were getting overwhelmed by the slime puddles when he went down, and myself and our MT both had 5 stacks of the debuff so I think we were probably seconds away from a wipe. It was a massive relief when he went down!

To top off that fight, the Unidentifiable Organ dropped, and I won it!

So this week I think we’ll be having a crack at the Crimson Halls.

But the night didn’t stop there… oh no.

Someone in the raid suggested we have a go at Sarth3D… to “relax” after the prof fight. Yeah… nice and relaxing.

We decided on zerging this, which is how we’ve tried (and failed) in the past.

First attempt… as usual too many got hit by lava walls and we wiped with Sarth down to about 400k HP.

Second attempt, this time I think only one person was hit by the wall, and a lot more people survived long enough to get him down! In fact (as the screenshot I posted on our guild site proves) I was the last one left alive, pew pewing away at him while the rest of the raid (aka. the slackers) obviously took the suggestion of relaxing too much to heart :). I’ve been wanting this one for a while, feels good to have finally done it!

Obviously, the Reins of the Black Drake dropped. I didn’t win the roll, but my wife did! Then, for some strange reason, she decided to give it to me! Think she must have been temporarily insane. Anyhow, I made the most of the act of generosity :D.

Kal on his Black Drake

Kal on his Black Drake

And… I also won the roll for the satchel of spoils.

All-in-all, a good night I think.


This morning I remembered about my rocket mount! I totally forgot about it last night :(. Will definitely get it tonight. Definitely. *writes “ROCKET MOUNT” on the backs of his hands*


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