Successful Kara Attempt

Although I didn’t solo it :).

Went back to Kara with my wife’s druid (she went boomkin, throwing in heals as needed) and we 2-manned it. Was good to have a run through it before trying more of the bosses solo.

For the opera event we got Oz, which was extremely easy and I’m pretty sure I could solo that without trouble, but no doubt when I do go back on my own I’ll get one of the other ones.

Took a few tries at the chess event to figure it out, after 3 failed attempts we did it by moving the four middle pawns forward, then I took the king all the way over to the warchief and just burned him down, while the missus controlled one of the healers and kept me alive. Once we’d figured out the strategy it was extremely easy.

We did have a little trouble on the last boss. We hadn’t actually looked up his abilities so got worried when knocked Mrs Boomkin down to 1 health a couple of times, weren’t sure what to do then he did his shadow nova while she was too close, so we wiped when he was down to about 7%. A quick read on wowwiki and we were back, this time with much less fail and a tad more win. Not too sure whether I could solo him or not though… would be a tough one I reckon.

Considering we only went in for fun and the achievement, was nice that we also made about 650g (after repairs) in the 2 hours that we were there.

In other news, our guild made some more progress on Professor Putricide last night, managing to get to phase 3 in the last two attempts. We had to do this with only 2 healers as that’s all we had available, and the healing needed in phase 3 overwhelmed us pretty quickly, but it’s encouraging that we can now get to that phase without too much trouble, everyone seems to have the first two phases down now. I’m hoping we have an extra healer available for our next attempt at him, which (fingers crossed) will be on Tuesday.


2 Responses to Successful Kara Attempt

  1. Andy says:

    Ooo grats! How’d you handle Netherspite? We facerolled the whole place with 10 people – most bosses dropped in less than 25 seconds (apart from the Chess even, which seemed to take forever and nobody knew what was going on), so I imagine 2-manning it would be a bit more interesting.

    Very interesting about the gold haul, too – might have to persuade Flo to accompany me one day 😀

  2. Kalacios says:

    Actually we didn’t do netherspite, aran or illhoof. It was getting late and we were getting tired, fumbling through not really knowing where we were going, stumbled across malchezaar and beat him. I did want to go back and do the ones we had missed, but was just too tired.

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