I Am…. The Keymaster!

Sounds so grand… although not figured out yet what special powers this has bestowed upon me. I’m sure it’s something awesome like I can command all the keys of Azeroth to do my bidding. Must be.

This is just a little update to say that I (kind of accidentally) finished up The Keymaster achievement.

I was going to have another go in Kara, initially a solo attempt again, then my wife said she’d like to come too (which was more than fine by me :D). So I made my way there, and she got her rogue there to open the gate. Then we realised that we might have a little difficulty in getting her druid in seeing as it’s on the same account as her rogue, who we needed to open the gate again.

Anyway, the missus then went to watch some TV instead, and I decided that I would leave Kara for the night and go and obtain the key so we could both go next time.

The quest chain for The Master’s Key is not the quickest ever and requires trips to shadow labs, steamvault, arcatraz and black morass! Not the most difficult to do solo, but still quite lengthy.

Problem was I didn’t have the shadow labs key, so I had to go into Sethekk halls first. Then, while in shadow labs I got to honored with lower city which meant I could go and get the last key for the achievement, the auchenai key.

It was quite late by this point so I didn’t finish up the chain for the Kara key, but at least I got a nice unexpected achievement out of it.


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