Solo Kara Attempt

Last night, due to not having enough people on to do ICC, I decided to go and try my hand at soloing Kara. Initially, when I was thinking about soloing raids I was going to start with the level 60 ones first and work my way up, but for some reason I was drawn to this one.

So, being a total n00b, having never been there before (well, kinda – went once with the wife so she could get the mongoose enchant… but I honestly remembered nothing about it!), I found out where it was and ran down there only to find a locked gate. W00t. So I spent a few minutes looking into how you obtain the key and decided that it would probably take me longer than I wanted right now, so instead I logged on the missus’ 80 rogue (her ex-main and first ever char) to pick it for me.

Then I realised (after I was already in the instance) that my bags were completely full! Way to go Kal, you’re so l337. 😐

So, a little while later, after clearing my bags I was in and ready to go.

Now I’ve never done more than Moroes in the past, and that was a long time ago, so I figured I should probably try and look at some tactics and maybe try to find out in which order I would be encountering bosses. I found this extremely handy post (follow on post here) on which is actually written for Druids. Perfect. 😀

So, with a little knowledge I started with Attumen. Not too much trouble here, didn’t have to use any major CDs, just kept barkskin up. I did clear all the trash leading up to Midnight first which was probably good advice to follow.

I then went on to Moroes, clearing the entire banquet hall first. I lost slightly more health on this one than on Attumen, but nothing too alarming. At one point I got down to about 50% (around 20k) so popped SI/FR. Otherwise, another fairly simple one.

I proceeded to fumble around a bit, looking for more bosses, finally finding Maiden of Virtue. This was by far the easiest fight of the three, I basically just stood there hitting her, barely taking 5k damage throughout the whole fight.

It was a bit late by this point, so I decided to call it a night, plus I’ve read that the Opera event can be a real pain, so I’ll probably need a bit of time on that one. I’ll certainly try and get back to do some more this week.

Was a lot of fun and I probably made quite a bit of gold from it too, which is a nice side effect. I didn’t get round to selling all the loot I got, but it should sell for a fair bit.


2 Responses to Solo Kara Attempt

  1. That was as far as I got. I ended up banging my head up against the Big Bad Wolf next. Whatever stage event you get, hope hope hope, it’s not that one. It is soloable, people have done it. But I honestly believe there is a degree of luck in getting through it as well. Also, once you get to Honored, you can vendor in the instance which is a nice addition. 🙂

  2. Kalacios says:

    Yeah I’ve read up on all of the possible encounters for the Opera event, R&J one sounds like a pain too, I’ll give them a go though, whichever one I get 🙂

    Will probably go back for a few attempts at the weekend, will post how I get on.

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