Going Solo

Well, going solo occasionally.

One of the things I really enjoy doing in WoW is soloing instances. Way back from when I first solo’d Stocks (think I was at about level 40, just after I got boomkin). My missus doesn’t really see the attraction, but there’s something about it that I really enjoy, even while doing the low level ones for Classic Dungeonmaster.

A few months ago I went through a phase where I was going to try to solo all the Outland dungeons. After I did a few, I then thought I’d try my hand at the heroics as the normal versions were proving quite easy, and managed all of the Hellfire ones without too much of a problem, but at the time it was a little bit of a personal challenge.

I then had a couple of attempts at Utgarde Keep (normal), tried the first boss once but soon realised that once I was ice blocked, there was actually no way to get out of it! So next time round I stealthed past him and went through the rest. I very almost got the last boss down, he had about 10k health left when I died on my last attempt, and I gave it up after that.

Anyway, I went off of the idea for a bit after that, but have recently had the urge to carry on, get through the rest of the Outland heroics and see if I do any better in Northrend dungeons, and also some of the classic (and maybe even BC) raids. This was sparked off from a post at Feral Instincts, and fueled after reading this interview on WoW.com (amazing).

I’m really not sure, as a druid, how well I can do in some of the harder instances. Raegwyn (from the interview linked above) is a DK, and I could see that this probably does have massive advantages while trying to solo group content. I also think that a Paladin would certainly have an easier time of it than a druid, but I’m going to try anyway! Maybe one day I’ll also try on my DK, but we’ll see.

Last night, while milling around Dalaran waiting for a raid, I decided to have a crack at Violet Hold (being the most convenient one to get to), just to see whether it would be at all possible. To my surprise, I managed to get two bosses down (Erekem and Lavanthor) before I had to hearth out and get to ICC. No major “oh shit” moments, although I did use survival instincts and frenzied regeneration a couple of times, and barkskin whenever it was off cooldown. Most worrying moment was probably just as I finished off Erekem, I was at about 16k health (out of 40k) and the next portal opened as I still had the two adds to get down, luckily they didn’t hit very hard and so I didn’t really lose any health and had some time to heal up to full before the next portal. Lavanthor was laughably easy, as long as I stepped out of fires he barely hurt me at all. I’ll give this another go at some point soon and try to finish the whole thing.

To document these as I do them (assuming, of course, that I do manage to do them!) and also to list the other achievements and goals I have in game, I have created the My WoW Ambitions page. It’s not yet finished, I just added some of the ones that came to mind as I wrote it yesterday, so I’ll be adding more to it.

I might even take videos of my solo attempts. Hmmm. We’ll see.


6 Responses to Going Solo

  1. I actually have a huge post I’m currently working on, specing for this exact thing. (I’ve gotten all of Outland dungeons/heroics down, save Mana-Tombs. Tavarok has an attack that’s based on % of health, that I just couldn’t get past.) When I finish the big spec post, I’d love to get your input on it. I’m not saying, you should use an XYZ spec, I’m weighing things out and looking to create a discussion on it.)

    • Kalacios says:

      I read your post this morning and have commented… although I think I’d need to do a bit more thinking on the subject of a good spec for soloing before I can give any meaningful contribution. I shall mull over that later today.

  2. Andy says:

    I recently solo’d a bunch of Outland (well, TBC, since Black Morass and Durholde don’t really count as “Outland”) instances as part of the quest chain to get the key for Karazhan. This was on my DK and while it was relatively easy (didn’t even need my tanking gear) I wouldn’t like to try the heroics or Northrend regular instances, at least not until Gorain’s DPS gear is at least at a similar level to Zobu’s. Plus his DPS spec is Unholy, which puts isn’t nearly as good for soloing stuff as Blood, afaik, cos of the much weaker self-heals, and mah gool does not make a good tank at all.

    I did eventually get the Kara key, too, and had a brief go at soloing the place (what I wanted to do in the first place, actually, before I discovered I’d have to spend a week doing the eleventy billion pre-quests just to get the key). Had a few close calls with packs of two ghost horses and two ghost horse-handlers at the same time, but otherwise fairly straightforward up to the first boss (Attumen). He too was fairly easy, even if it did take a good while to get him and his horse down. The 50% miss chance debuff didn’t help, either.

    After the first boss and a few guardsmen trash I came to the kitchen area, and it got substantially harder – the trash groups are all really close together and a few patrol around, so it’s hard to avoid getting overwhelmed. It was getting late (1am :S ) so I called it a night there. I reckon it’d be very easy to 2-man the place with a DPS and a healer.

    I actually managed to solo the first boss of Utgarde Keep on Zobu, too, though it was a very close thing and I did have to pop Hero and fire elemental. VH sounds like an interesting one to try as well, although it’s partly luck which bosses you get – the void boss for example could prove troublesome solo.

  3. Andy says:

    Oh and while I remember, don’t even think of trying Blackwing Lair solo. It can’t be done, due to the mechanics of the first fight (you need one person to MC the boss and at least one other to kill the adds that spawn in waves – you can’t do both jobs at once).

    Molten Core, on the other hand, can be fairly easily solo’d for the most part, although the amount of trash makes it kinda tiresome.

    Been meaning to try Zul’Gurub on Gorain, too, as I failed miserably with Caera on the spell-interrupting boss.

  4. Kalacios says:

    Funny you should mention BWL… me and ela tried to 2 man it aaaaaaages ago… not sure why, just to have a go I think, but we didn’t read up on any tactics at all and knew nothing of what awaited us. We engaged the first boss, was going quite well (or so we thought) for about a minute, then (I think – if my memory serves me right) a load of adds spawned, there was some kind of explosion and we kinda sorta died. This is why I think i’ll read up on tactics before I attempt any raids!

    I definitely think the difficulty of VH solo will depend on which bosses, but I might keep doing it to see if I can try each one. Didn’t get to Cyanigosa as I ran out of time.

    How did you do the first boss in UK? When I tried him he froze me very early on and I never got out of it… just got battered (rather slowly) to death.

  5. Andy says:

    I think on UK it was my fire elemental’s AOE that broke the ice.

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