Some Screenshots

As you may be able to guess from the title (or maybe not… I know it’s a little vague), I thought I would post up a couple of screenshots.

Ever since I started playing WoW I’ve taken random screenies, some that I find interesting, some funny, or some that are just… erm… pretty.

I figured that as I have this blog then rather than leave them getting all dusty in my screenshots folder, never to be seen again, I have the opportunity to force them upon anyone who happens to stumble across them here.

They’re not exactly beautiful, not taken with any skill (not compared with these anyway), but… well… here they are.


Hurrah! Goro (from Mortal Kombat), reincarnated in Tanaris!

Floaty Skeleton

Floating Skeleton right next to the bar in the inn in Ironforge. No idea how it got there...

Young Kal

A young boomkin in Blade's Edge just after getting his flight form.

OK, I’m sure I have way more at least half-interesting screenshots… but the folder has nearly 400 in it and it’s kinda hard to hunt them out. I will post some more… assuming I have more… once I find them!


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