I Rolled Another Alt

I know! Shocking! So not like me at all to roll an alt :p

I decided that I didn’t really want to play EvilClive the DK (on the same server me and the missus are leveling all our chars together on), and seeing as we now have miners and skinners up to Outland level, he was no longer needed anymore.

I had a think about what class I would like to play solo, and settled on a ret pally.

Here’s the thing though… within minutes of being created, I had me a shiny new Paladin… at level 60. 😀

You may or may not know but one of the perks of refer-a-friend is that the account that was referred can grant levels to characters from the account that did the referring. Every 2 levels gained gives 1 level that can be granted. As we now have 4 pairs at level 60, this meant that they could each grant 30 levels. You can only do this up to level 60 so we only needed to use 2 of them. Feels quite dirty to stand in Stormwind spam-dinging for 60 levels, but jolly good fun too!

Fast Leveling

Hmmm... apparantly I dinged 30 before I dinged 10...

One thing I didn’t consider until half way through the speed-leveling process was that I would end up as a level 60 in starter gear! With no defense or weapon skills at all! As I wanted to start questing in Outland immediately, this would not do at all.

A lovely level 78 DK kindly offered to run me through Ramparts, and I got a load of half decent gear, was a very lucky run! This was enough to then enable me to start questing. It took a little while to up my skill in 2H maces, but I survived through it, and now I’m a lean mean killing machine of the light. Oh yes.

I still don’t have shoes, gloves, cloak, trinkets or a libram, but i’m doing OK regardless. It did help that my better half has an 80 ret pally and helped me out with setting up my bars.

And now, I take great pleasure in introducing, Caei (pronounced “Kay”).

Say hello Caei…


"Hello Caei"


One Response to I Rolled Another Alt

  1. […] really well. During the three months my wife levelled a DK to 80, I have a 71 Ret Pally (although only had to get her up 11 levels ). We also levelled seven pairs of characters to 60, one pair to 61 and one pair to 50. Not only […]

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