Firstly, let me say that I certainly don’t think that gearscore makes a player. I do have it installed just to get a very quick idea of what someone’s level of gear is without inspecting them, just for curiosity’s sake really. I (like everyone else, I’m sure) have seen my fair share of terrible players who have a very high level of gear, and also very good players who have a relatively low level of gear.

Maybe I shouldn’t have said gearscore, but it would certainly be something like “WTB MOAR BETTER GEAR!!”. Hmm.

Although I’ve been raiding ICC every week for the past 6 weeks or so I haven’t had the greatest of luck with loot drops, and until we got Festergut down last night (woohoo!) I had only had one piece of loot, which was Abomination’s Bloody Ring. Other than that I had the Sentinel’s Winter Cloak bought with frosties and the Ashen Verdict ring, then the rest of my gear was T9/triumph, as well as some ilvl 200, 219 and 226. I know that some people would laugh at a tank trying to get into ICC with this level of gear, but I’ve been doing OK, never had any trouble on the first four bosses. Maybe it’s just that our healers are extra uber and make up for my lack of good gear. Raid buffed, I normally sit at about 49k health and ~33k armor, and 30% dodge (after the 20% is taken off you in ICC), which I thought would be OK. So anyway, I thought that even though I had relatively low level of gear, I’d do OK as I’m a half-decent player.

Then came Festergut.

I’ve tried this fight about 5 or 6 times as tank. Every time I get totally squished once he does his third inhale. Even popping all my cooldowns, it still takes no more than 10 seconds for him to flatten me into the ground. I think this is the first time I really realised that I’m going to need to do quite a bit of work on my gear. After a couple of wipes because of this last night I suggested I go boomkin and we got our pally to give it a go, and it went just fine.

I actually barely pulled 4.3k as DPS, my gear isn’t that much better than my tank gear, which got me back into thinking that maybe I should go back to MS boomkin and concentrate my efforts there. In the end I decided to stick with bear. We’re a small guild and we do need 3 tanks, plus our pally does way more DPS than I do.

Apart from the obvious excuse that I started off building up my boomkin spec which meant I used up a good chunk of frost emblems on a couple of pieces there before switcing to bear, as well as lack of loot drops, I think I’ve just been a bit lazy. I haven’t really been doing daily random heroics as much as I should (hardly any actually), which means over the last couple of months I’ve missed out on quite alot. I could have also been working a bit harder to make some gold and buy one or two crafted items. But I haven’t. I’ve been lazy.

As we’re now pretty confident that we can get the first 5 ICC bosses down I’m really going to have to try and up my game if I’m going to be tanking the harder ones, otherwise I’ll end up back in my sub-par boomkin gear, back at square one. I am going to try to make sure that I do my daily random, as well as some dailies for goooold.

I actually won Plague-Soaked Leather Leggings which Fester dropped (our rogue already has the T10 ones and kitty got these last week – so wasn’t much of a contest… and I rolled a 5… woot). I then went and spent some emblems on Vengeful Noose, and as I got revered with Ashen Verdict during the raid I’ve also upgraded my ring to Ashen Band of Unmatched Courage. A step in the right direction I think.

I’m seriously thinking of buying the mats for Footpads of Impending Death (our leatherworker got the recipe yesterday), but as Primordial Saronite is around 2.2k on our server, that will take me a bit of time to save up for.



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