Raiding, Levelling and Guild Dramas

It’s all been going on over the last couple of weeks!

Guild Dramas

I don’t really want to go into too much detail as to why this happened, but my wife and I, as well as some others, left our previous guild a couple of weeks ago. Now this isn’t a decision we took lightly, we’d been in the guild a long time (most over a year) and had some great friends there. I think what we wanted from the guild had changed from what the guild primarily was. We wanted to make better progress in raids, whereas the guild is primarily social.

Without saying too much, it didn’t really end that well. But anyway, that’s in the past now, no point dwelling on it.

So, we set up a new guild, which we intend to be a tight 10-man raid group.

So far it’s been great! Not only are we making great progress in ICC but we all get on really well and have a laugh.

Now this leads me on to…


As I said, since we’ve set up our new guild (well, actually from the weeks leading up to that too) we’ve been making much better progress in raids. And more importantly we’re actually really enjoying them again!

And it’s not even that we’re progressing through ICC that’s fun, we also did a night of naxx achievements which was excellent. Most fun I’ve had raiding in a long long time. We plan to go for all the raid achievements alongside progression in ICC, so it mixes it up a little. Gives a nice break from the end-game stuff.

Speaking of ICC, we still have quite got Festergut down yet… although our best attempt saw him with just 3.7% health left as we wiped, looking on helplessly. 3.7! Ouch. But that night we did really learn the strategy and executed it really well. Not quite 100% perfect (more like 96.3% perfect I would say), but it was a good effort by all. So next time we get to him we should hopefully get him down and start to learn the Rotface fight.


As well as guild-hopping and raiding a few nights a week we’ve also been carrying on working towards our goal of levelling 9 pairs of characters to 60 before our refer-a-friend bonus runs out in roughly 2 months time. So far we now have level 60 druids, rogues and mages. I have to say that so far the mages are my favourite! I’ve never played one past level 10 before and I wish I had done it sooner. So much fun. But, alas, they must now be shelved until the rest of their companions make it to the same level, at least if we want to get them all there before our triple xp runs out!

Next up is my warrior/her priest (tank/healer) who we’ve got to 26 so far. The characters seem to be suiting us just nicely, so will be another enjoyable pair I think.

We’re trying to keep boosting to a minimum, only really doing it if we have a bunch of quests for somewhere, but otherwise we’re questing our way up to 60.

Although we’ve done a couple of instances the proper way, we decided to just quest through and start dungeoning properly through Outland.

But now, for some odd reason, I’m getting the urge to roll a hordie! As if I don’t have enough alts already :S

Someone, please, stop me! Actually, don’t! I’m enjoying my WoW at the moment. 😀


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