Lots of Updates

It’s been a little while since I last posted, and in fact I haven’t even been reading many blogs lately, mainly due the fact that I’ve been playing even more WoW than usual 😀 .

As that is the case, I have made a good bit of progress, both in raiding with Kal and with leveling the new batch of alts with my wife.

As far as raiding goes, we’ve been making some excellent progress over the last two weeks, we’ve managed to get down all the first four bosses (twice now), and have had a few good attempts on Festergut. I think we have the tactics down for him now, but we only seem to be able to have a go at him when it’s already late in the evening, so we’re a bit bleary eyed and not as sharp as we could be. So, I think we’ll get him down next time we attempt him, if we can try it earlier on in the evening.

While on the topic of Kal/raiding, I’ve now decided to go bear main spec, and keep boomkin as off-spec. The reason for this is quite simple, I’m going to raids in bear lately, and I think this will be the case (at least for the foreseeable future). I don’t mind this at all, I love both specs equally and am happy to go as either.  The only reasons I want to choose bear as main spec are: 1) So I can roll on tank/melee leather rather than hoping to win OS rolls, and; 2) So I can concentrate on building my tanking set up a bit.

Really, I think my gear is a little low for ICC (even though I seem to be managing OK so far), but now I’m concentrating on that it should start getting there. Completed my T9 set with Malfurion’s Raiments of Conquest as well as adding Sentinel’s Winter Cloak and Ashen Band of Greater Courage.

In the totally different world of leveling, we’ve made great strides with our new alts (aka. The Project).

We now have our druids (Curuwen and Willów) to level 60, and our rogues (Bonnié and Clydé) are sitting at 51. My priest and the missus’s warrior are at 35 (got them there so she could get her blacksmithing up higher than 225). All others are patiently waiting their turn at level 20. On the agenda for tonight is the rogues, hopefully we’ll get them to 55+ ready for the final push to 60 tomorrow night… then we move on to my paladin, her shaman.

As well as leveling the characters, we’ve also been leveling professions. We have an elemental leatherworker almost maxed to 300 and jewelcrafter, alchemist, tailor and blacksmith almost maxed to 225, as well as various gatherers up to Outland level (and beyond). We also realised we needed to make a fair bit of gold to pay for all training, mounts (including flying mounts when we hit 60), so my lovely wife has been working hard on that, and we have a couple of thousand gold in our private guild bank, rising quite a bit every day.

We also decided that she will get her DK up to 80 (already nearly 70 now!) so that we can buy the Tome  of Cold Weather Flight for each so that we may fly about Northrend when we ding 68! That’ll be another 1000g per character, so we needs us some gooooold! Hmm, one thing that didn’t dawn on me until just now is that I’ll also need to get my DK up to 80 to get the tomes for all of mine! There is much work to be done!

So, we’ve been very busy!!

It’s been alot of fun so far, and we still have a couple of months left on our refer-a-friend perks, so I reckon we should reach the goal of all 60’s by that time!


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