Ooh, Goodies!

Was raiding last night for the first time in a while, we did a 10 man run of ToC as the weekly raid is Jaraxxus on our server.

As we got the beasts and Jaraxxus down pretty quickly we decided to finish the rest. The run went well, we had an almost-wipe on the faction champs, with the last 2 champs left up we only had 1 tank, 1 dps and 1 healer left alive! I was smited by the bloody warrior. We did have a DK kiting him about at the start but when they died he seemed to take a fancy to me, so I was only able to help out DPS on the others in between putting cyclone and the odd roots on him, otherwise he wouldn’t leave me alone!

After that, we wiped once on the twins, for some reason our spell interruptions weren’t happening at the right time and so they ended up healing 3 times in that run, eventually we just burned out. The 2nd attempt was alot better, we got them down in 2 mins 59 secs for a nice, unexpected, achievement, Salt and Pepper.

Anub was easy enough, as usual. I DC’d when he was at about 40% so missed the rest of the fight, which was a pain.

Wasn’t too impressed with my DPS, think I was sitting at about 4k overall, which I guess wasn’t too bad considering the factions champs I didn’t manage to get much off. As I hadn’t raided in a while I think I was just a little rusty. Was still 2nd on damage done for the whole raid, about 1m behind the top DPS in our guild who is just immense :).

Also, I got me a nice trinket to replace the last item level 200 piece I had in my boomkin set (I still had Sundial of the Exiled). Talisman of Volatile Power dropped from the Faction Champs cache. I used it for the rest of the raid and it seemed quite good, although I’ll have to do some tests on a dummy I think to see whether this works out better for me than the sundial. I tried to time when I used it for when I just came off of a solar eclipse, and preferably if I also had starfall to chuck in, my thinking was that it should help get the stacks up with a few wrath’s and stars hitting, then I was seeing 1.84s Starfire casts during Lunar eclipse, that’s got to be good, right?


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