Just a Little Update

Well, we decided on Tuesday night to boost our (then level 26) druids through Gnomeregan after picking up all the quests. Obviously this was the easier option, wimping out of pugging it. We were kinda tired, and that’s our excuse 🙂 .

We did very well in there indeed! I got a few really nice drops for Curuwen (I’m leveling her as resto), Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator (what a great looking helm!) and Spidertank Oilrag, as well as Fairywing Mantle and Civinad Robes as quest rewards. Also got a couple of decent BoE blues (can’t remember the names) that we can use on other chars as we get to them.

But better than all that, this one run got us up 5 levels! 2 from the run itself, then 3 from handing in all the quests. Not bad for an hour and a half or so work.

I think the plan is now to play the druids properly from here on, no more boosting, and to get them to 60 before starting on the next pair. We’re hoping to make a bit of a dent in this before the weekend is out, but we never get as much time as we think we will on the weekends with other stuff going on in real life. We’re supposed to be raiding tonight, although we were supposed to be last night but it didn’t end up happening, so probably won’t get any done until tomorrow now. We’re going to make our way to Stranglethorn and blast through the quests there. Lots of killing of beasts and trolls. Yay!

While I was hanging around on Kal last night waiting for a raid that didn’t materialise, I decided to try and finish up my Outland Dungeonmaster achievement (only need Magister’s Terrace and The Arcatraz). However, this led to me to realise that I didn’t have the key to get into Arcatraz, which then led me to realise that I only needed 2 keys to finish up The Keymaster. So, after all that, I did a couple of runs of Auchenai Crypts to get my Lower City rep up to honored so I can get hold of the Auchenai Key. Got it from just over 3000 to about 4600 in a couple of runs, so I think I’ll try and do a couple more runs tonight (only takes 10-15 mins). Once that’s done I just need the Shadow Labs one, not sure how I haven’t got that one yet, though as it drops from a boss in Sethekk Halls :S.


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