Let The Fun Begin

The wife and I decided last night to play our new druids, taking them to Redridge to do some questing. They both started at level 20 and within an hour had dinged twice, after only completing about 5 or 6 quests (triple XP ROCKS!). We then realised we could pick up 4 Stockades quests, which we did, then put ourselves in the LFG queue. Took about 2 seconds to get in, seeing as we are a tank/healer combo (she’s the tank this time đŸ˜€Â ).

We ended up in a group with 2 hunters and a rogue. All seemed to be nice enough, although both hunters had tank pets, and wouldn’t turn growl off on them, which was a bit of a pain (annoying for my wife), but wasn’t something we were going to get worked up about. However, a little way in and it seems BOTH hunters decided they would just head off in their own directions and start attacking mobs. Yes, very useful. Thanks. This meant that I was running in and out of rooms to try and keep everyone alive, which I did, and my wife had to keep running about to try and gather up aggro, which she did as best as could be expected given the situation. As Stocks isn’t a huge instance and no-one was dying we even let that slide, no point in getting stressed out over it.

By the time we finished and handed in all the quests we were just about level 25. We decided we wanted to get to 26 before we retired for the night, so headed back to Redridge to take out Lieutenant Fangore and Gath’Ilzogg. We grouped up with randoms who were also going for those, again nice enough people, and we got them both down without a fuss. Both quests were worth over 8k XP to us so it was well worth it, and allowed us to ding 26 pretty quickly.

6 levels in under 3 hours, not too shabby.

We picked up a few BFD quests thinking that we’d give that a go tonight, since we’re not raiding, but then today found that we could pick up all of the Gnomeregan quests (11 in total, including ones you get inside the instance) which would get us a cool 102k XP!! That’s around 3 levels just for the quests, not even counting what we’d get from the run.

The question now is, do we queue in LFG to do this horrid instance with some random players, or do we boost through, keep all the loot to ourselves and have an easy run. Not decided yet, think it will depend on how we feel tonight.


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