A Busy Week

It’s been over a week since I last posted due to a couple of factors, 1) I was off work sick, and for some reason I get the blogging bug while at work, not at home, and 2) I’ve had quite a busy time of WoWing.

Firstly, a quick update on my achievement goals. I ran Stratholme a couple of times with Kal and finally got The Argent Champion and along with it 15 Exalted Reputations. Didn’t make anymore progress with the World Explorer one though. I’m not too sure if I’ll be spending time doing the Love is in the Air stuff, we’ll see.

Best news of the week was that my wife decided how silly it was of her to quit WoW and came back :D. Together we decided to embark on a little “project”. I got the idea from a blog post I came across (can’t remember where), the blogger it seems had used refer a friend to create a 3rd account with her husband, and they leveled pairs of characters to 60 while they had triple XP and all the other good perks. Not sure how many characters they leveled like this though.

So, I sent an invite to my wife, we bought another set of copies of the game (which wasn’t too bad as the lot only cost just over £30 from Amazon), and we embarked on our journey… to try and level 9 pairs of characters to 60 while they all still have the triple XP! We’re not too bothered about DKs, although she’s created one on her main account and I’ve created one on mine so we can use them to make some gold.

What we should have by the end of this (in 3 months time) is one of each class each, at least one of each crafting profession and a bunch of gatherers, all sitting at 60. That’s the plan anyway.

We love playing the game together and especially questing, running dungeons and basically leveling together, so this seems like it will be a fun thing to do.

So far, we have all 9 pairs to 20! However, we did kinda boost them all to that point. We thought 20 would be a good starting point to play properly. We didn’t intend to do this at first, it just sort of happened. Here’s what we’ve done with each pair to get them to this point:

  • Do all starter area quests (got us to 7-8 each time), then move on to the next quest-givers and do the quests there, which left us at about level 12.
  • Using the DK my wife created on her main account, we boosted our pair through Deadmines for the phat lootz. We ran this twice so we had a good chance of the drops we wanted, also making sure to pick up An Unsent Letter off of VanCleef. This generally gave us 2 levels per run, so we came out of here at 15!
  • We then did a couple of Stocks runs to hopefully get some decent greens or the odd blue, and each run took only 15 minutes and leveled us up once.
  • At 17 we handed in the unsent letter quest, which sends you back into Stocks for the head of Bazil Thredd. Handing in that yielded a whopping 10,650 XP, and the follow on quest chain must have totalled over 20k XP (I didn’t add it all up), and results in a really nice ring (Seal of Wrynn).


Now, this might not sound like the best way to do it, might sound like cheating, but the way we looked at it was that we wanted to quest and do instances with these, so we wanted at least a couple of half-decent pieces of gear before we go pugging, especially with our tanks/healers, and having a mount will make questing much faster. Plus, we’ve done the 10-20 areas so many times before, so not like we’re missing anything there.

In the end I think we ran Deadmines about 20 times, Stockades around 30 times, and of course did that quest chain afterwards 9 times… end result, 9 pairs of level 20s with fairly good blue/green gear, all ready to roll. We have 5 pairs of tank/healer so instancing with them should be no problem. We also managed to get some of their professions to respectable levels, and with so many gatherers we should be able to get all the mats we need while leveling and minimise grinding for them.

Now, I introduce to you the 20 newest members of the family 😀 (listed in pairs as we will play them together) …

Ápple (Dwarf Priest) and Chérry (Gnome Warrior)
Curuwen (Night Elf Druid) and Willów (Night Elf Druid)
Thaerin (Night Elf Warrior) and Xoé (Night Elf Priest)
Clydé (Gnome Rogue) and Bonnié (Gnome Rogue)
Delane (Draenei Mage) and Dejá (Human Warlock)
Sháft (Human Paladin) and Gémma (Draenei Shaman)
Ralnor (Draenei Shaman) and Flamé (Draenei Paladin)
Gém (Human Warlock) and Lexsi (Draenei Mage)
Jaréd (Dwarf Hunter) and Jezze (Dwarf Hunter)
Evilclive (Gnome DK) and Bezzy (Gnome DK)

I’m sure I’ll have loads of adventures to post about from this lot!

Apart from playing these, this week I’m (hopefully) going to be doing a few nights of ICC 10 with Kal which should be good. Hoping I can get me something nice.


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