Not Going At All To Plan

Well, here we are, already Friday and I haven’t done any of my WoW goals for this week so far. I didn’t manage to get any time on WoW on Tuesday or Wednesday, and was raiding last night. So the achievements I was looking to get put to bed still remain untouched since the beginning of the week. Maybe next week then, eh?

Still, last night made up for it a little bit as we did a 10 man guild run in ICC. We’ve tried a few times before and only got Marrowgar down once, I wasn’t present in that raid. So, it was quite a pleasant surprise when we took down Marrowgar and then Lady Deathwhisper without a wipe 😀 . Only downside to those two fights was that I died in both, my own fault though as I had over-aggro’d both times (naughty boomkin) and got splatted. What was better is that most of us hadn’t even seen Lady Deathwhisper before, so we were most please to one-shot the encounter.

We came a bit unstuck on the gunship battle. Partly because, again, most of us didn’t know the fight, and partly because it was getting late and we were getting tired. First wipe was pretty quick, we then had another attempt which was miles better, but we lost a couple of DPS and then it was just too slow going and we eventually got wiped out when our ship went down.

All in all, it was a good raid. Apart from the fact that no caster leather dropped or any other caster loot that I may have liked, for that matter. Maybe I’ll get lucky when we have another crack at the gunship and  roll 100 for Muradin’s Spyglass :D.

I’m a bit bummed out at the moment as my wife decided yesterday to quit WoW! I know in the grand scheme of things it’s not exactly the end of the world, but I’m still a bit gutted as I really love to play the game with her, it just won’t feel the same anymore 😦 . I’m still hoping she’ll change her mind after a break away. Also, as she’s arguably the best raid healer in our guild, she’ll be missed in raids too. Not to mention one of the most well-liked in the guild too.

On the bright side though, while I was at work she reverse-hacked my account and now I have more gold and other valuables than I know what to do with! :p

I’m sooooo not giving it back to her when she comes back…


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