This Week, I Will Be Mostly Doing…

I’ve decided to get back to working towards a couple of achievements as I’ve been slacking off a bit lately on that front.

Top of my list at the moment are World Explorer and The Argent Champion.

The last time I had the inclination to explore I made a pretty big dent in it, finishing off Eastern Kingdoms and a fair chunk of Kalimdor. I have just 10 Kalimdor zones to go, so I should be able to push through this one pretty quickly.

For The Argent Champion, I’m currently at 12,053 into Revered with Argent Dawn, and already Exalted with the Argent Crusade, so this is another one that shouldn’t take too much work. Few runs of Strat should do it. Also, I’ve just realised, as a side effect this will get me 15 Exalted Reputations too :D.

Other than doing those on Kal, plus the usual raids, dailies and heroics, I’m also hoping to get my rogue (Nócturnal) a bit closer to Outland. She’s sitting at 52 at the moment, so it’s possible I could get her to 58 by the end of the week depending on how much time I can devote to her.

On another note, got my feathery mitts on Volde’s Cloak of the Night Sky last night, which was a nice upgrade to Kurisu’s Indecision.


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