Hello world (of Warcraft)!

Hmm, what a lame title for my first post… anyway…

Hello to anyone who may have stumbled across this humble little blog!

My name is Chris and I play World of Warcraft (why does this sound like I’m announcing some addiction… hmm). On WoW I’m known as Kal, due to the fact that my main character is named Kalacios.

After alot of toing and froing I’ve finally decided to start a blog and so here it is! Right now I’m not too sure what direction it will be taking, mostly random ramblings, updates on what I’m doing in WoW, the occasional bit of wisdom (I’m sure I’ll have some wisdom to impart at some point…), and no doubt the odd rant thrown in too (everyone likes a good rant, right?)! I’m not much of a writer so please bear with me, hopefully some of it will make some kind of sense!

Phew, that’s that out the way 😀


2 Responses to Hello world (of Warcraft)!

  1. Kattrinsaa says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere, you and i have a lot to discuss. dualspeccing boom/tank can be quite fun.. without dealing with those nasssty leavessss. 😛

  2. wowambition says:

    Wow! A comment, woohoo! 😀

    Very sorry for not approving it sooner btw, been a busy boy in WoW lately, will be posting soon to explain.

    Yes, nasty trees with their nasty leaves (sorry honey, (my wife plays a tree) – yes, you do have lovely branches… yes dear, I’ll shut up now).

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