A Little Bit About Me

Well, as I said in my last post, my name is Chris. I’m from England and have a beautiful wife and three equally beautiful, but infinitely more annoying, sons :D. Actually they’re not so bad… you know how kids are :p.

As you can probably guess, in my free time I like to play World of Warcraft. I’ve been playing for about 9 months now since being introduced to it by my lovely wife who already had her first level 80 by that point. We leveled druids together and I loved it! I was hooked. Since then we mostly play together, whether that’s running heroics, leveling alts, doing dailies or raiding. It’s good to have someone to do these things with :D.

My main character, and the first I ever created, is a night elf druid named Kalacios. He’s dual spec boomkin/bear, doesn’t really have a main spec at the moment as I like to play both, and the gear for both is at about the same level.

Kal is certainly my favourite character, so looks like my choice was spot on when I first made him. He’s the one I go for achievements with, raid with, always my first priority when gearing up, and I generally just enjoy playing him more than other classes.

I’m a bit of an altoholic. On my main server I have 8 alts at varying levels, and I tend to flit between them every now and again, do a couple of levels here, a couple of levels there etc. You will get to hear more about those as time goes on.

I’m quite into going for achievements, although I go through phases of actively doing them. One thing I’m going to do on this blog is post the achievements I’m working towards so I can keep being reminded of them and hopefully not slack off too much!


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